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Previous Entry Bella-From Sandi Apr. 19th, 2007 @ 05:13 pm Next Entry
News - good and not great, but not really bad.

Not great but not really bad - I had to postpone my next doctor appointment until Monday the 30th, due to the boss and the other loan officers being out of the office all day. So, not great news, but not bad either. Just a postponement. The next appoinment will be a big long one, as they are doing another anatomy scan to see how Bella is progressing, and to see if they can get a better look at her heart and other organs and fingers and toes. Which leads me to the good news . . .

Either I have swallowed a passel of Mexican jumping beans, or this baby is moving moving moving! She kept me up most of last Friday night, because I didn't want to go to sleep and miss feeling her moving. And Saturday evening, apparently she had some music going on in her head that required foot tapping.

So, don't worry about not hearing from us on Thursday - we'll just have to wait to Monday to get an update this time!

Thanks for thinking, hoping and praying. Keep it up!


Sandi, James, Neely, Zoe, and our Bella

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